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about me

Robust character creation & Unique Voices

Great comedic  timing & improv skills

Fast turn around time from Home Studio

Originally from Denver, I made my way to Los Angeles in search of warmer weather and ended up rediscovering my love of performance and comedy.  After completing the UCB Improv program I began performing on some of LA's coolest stages including; UCB Sunset, UCB Franklin, The Pack Theatre, and The Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson. I continued to develop and grow my skills by studying at Berg Studios and learning a bit of Lecoq Clowning technique. I have narrated educational videos, as well as animated shorts. And in a fun 'shift' of fate, I found myself narrating a long list of paranormal romance novels, which can be found on audible. I was also a co-creator of a Podcast / Audio Play, where I voiced multiple unique characters.

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